Bhojan Griha [Cultural dance with typical Nepalese cousins]
If you are traveling to any country, you would not go back without trying its national food. “Bhojan Griha”, the name directly interpreted in English means house of food, but the restaurant is about more than just a house of food.

The house, the setting, is also special. It dates back over 150 years. A renovated 4 storey building, it originally belonged to the royal priest of the king of Nepal.

Taste authentic organic Nepalese food.  Enjoy simultaneously local folk dances and songs. Dining at Bhojan Griha, meaning House of Food, is a unique experience.

Fascinating Nepalese cultural décor and artifacts bring past and present alive. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day.

Krishnarpan Restaurant [Typical Nepalese cousins]
To spend an evening at Krishnarpan, the Nepali specialty restaurant at Dwarika’s, is to take a culinary journey through the fascinating terrains and cuisines of Nepal. Serving the finest Nepali of Nepali flavours, Krishnarpan is a slow dining experience reminiscent of ancient customary feasts.

Meals range from six to twenty two courses and are prepared using the freshest vegetables straight from the Dwarika’s own farm. With each course offered on traditional brass and earthen ware, and served by charming hostesses representing different ethnic communities, Krishnarpan is an exquisite and authentic Nepali experience to savour.

Koto Restaurant [Japanese cousins]
This restaurant was established in 1985 and is located at Durbar Marg. It’s one of the authentic Japanese restaurant offering wide range of delightful Japanese delicacies. The cozy atmosphere is the main attraction of the restaurant. There is a wide range of decent Japanese dishes, from cold soba noodles to sukiyaki, plus several set menus.

Krua Thai Restaurant and Bar [Thai cousins]
Located in the heart of Thamel, Krua Thai Nepal Restaurant and Bar which serves you almost all the culinary delights of Thailand in a pleasant atmosphere that comes in authentic Thai taste. The people of Thailand have centuries old tradition of Royal cuisine and good service, both of which is available in our authentic Thai restaurant.

Indoor and rooftop seating arrangements as well as a separate bar, we offer a large variety of different Thai dishes from our impeccable kitchen and lovingly prepared by our master Chef. The food is seasoned with fresh herbs and spices brought directly from Thailand.

Mike’s Breakfast
A lush garden and traditional Rana/Newar home are the setting for Mike’s Breakfast and Indigo Gallery, two of Kathmandu’s most delightful destinations. Enjoy fine cuisine and soft music in the garden and come up to wander through the gallery which showcases traditional Newari painting and bronze arts, as well as showing a diversity of modern exhibitions.

Mike’s, famous as a haven for a hearty pre- or post-trek meal, still has the city’s best country breakfast; Mexican menu of burritos, enchiladas and tostadas; and great desserts. Recently rainbow trout has become a regular visitor to a revolving list of special dishes. For the morning wake up, business lunch or special party, Mike’s Breakfast is your best bet.

The pristine upstairs rooms of Indigo Gallery, with polished old floors and softly arched windows, highlight the charm and grace of Kathmandu’s traditional buildings. The Gallery hosts modern painting, sculpture, photo and textile exhibitions and holds evening slide shows and lectures on diverse subjects from art to the riches of the Himalayan region.

The Nanglo Cafe & Pub [mostly Chinese cousins]
The Nanglo chain consists of the Nanglo Cafe & Pub, The Nanglo Chinese Room, Bakery Cafe at all the cardinal points of Kathmandu valley and the Nanglo Delli. Available most of the cuisine from Continental dishes to Chinese dishes, fast food, Indian dishes to the traditional dal bhat tarkari (lentil, rice and vegetable curry) and fusion food exclusively only at Nanglo Deli served with quality service. Tempting you with an irresistible selection of food. All serve with an immaculate decor and the cordial ambiance, which makes eating at these places, a noteworthy experience.



Nepal is predominantly dominated by Hindus and Buddhists. Muslims are minority here in Nepal. However, in a small enclave in Thamel Bazaar, one can find a Muslim quarter. Here the market sells “halal food”. There are a couple of Muslim Restaurants and food stalls here catering to the Muslims. Restaurant is located at Durbar Marg near the Hotel de I’Annapurna, this fast-food place has a full halal menu with mutton, chicken and vegetarian fast food. No alcohol is served.