About Us

About Us

We are a versatile travel company that creates journeys to all over world especially Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and North East India. Our team comprises of specialists who allow us to provide you with the best possible accommodation, guides and excursions to suit your tastes and budget. Right from the start we have always been dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences. We want our guests to savor the natural and cultural beauty of our destinations because we believe that traveling should be stimulating, and that it should give you an authentic experience of a place. While we have an excellent team of experts and the passion for creating journeys, our strength has always been our obsession with quality. Our local teams include guides, drivers, administration staff and contacts in the local community who help us to ensure that our adventures are active and involving. We also have a firm obligation to reducing the adverse impact of travel on our environment and society, and we ensure that the visit from our guests has a positive effect on the destination.

Our group size is small enough to avoid making a negative impact on the places you go and the people you meet, but large enough to have a good time with other travelers from around the globe. Because, of the experts we employ on and off the field, you can get inside a destination to understand and enjoy things that normal travelers would not. The most important aspect of our travel is taking out the tedium of travelling for you. All your accommodation and transportation are well organized. The hotels in the towns and cities are well located, have private facilities and, in the tropics, are air-conditioned and often have pools. We use the best of vehicles or long or short journeys. We believe in responsible travel and observe strict operational guidelines. We work constantly to refine our operational procedures and improve our approach to your safety and security. This we do with a continuous effort to standardize our services. And this becomes successful with our prolific experience in organizing and managing trips. Our trip/trek leaders are well trained in crisis management but we believe that prevention is the best cure. We do not miss out on the fun part because we believe in being sincere rather than being serious.

From the time we began, we have paid great attention to taking you to places that are beautiful and significant. We believe that all travel experiences must become good memories. Shangri-La Voyages, sources all the supplies locally and a high percentage of our staff are recruited locally. This level of local input ensures our trips are run responsibly with the local communities in mind.

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