Glimpses of Tibet

Glimpses of Tibet is a journey to the Tibetan plateau’s heartland. Lhasa, the spiritual heart of Tibet, is an ancient city adorned with captivating sights. As one strolls through its vibrant streets, the air resonates with the mesmerizing chants of Buddhist monks and the aroma of incense wafting from sacred temples. The Potala Palace, with its towering white walls and golden roofs, stands as a majestic symbol of Tibetan culture and houses precious relics from centuries past. Jokhang Temple, the spiritual epicenter of Tibetan Buddhism, bustles with fervent pilgrims prostrating in devotion. The Barkhor Street surrounding the temple is a bustling marketplace where one can find traditional handicrafts and explore local life. As the sun sets over the distant Himalayan peaks, casting a warm glow on the city, the serene beauty and spirituality of Lhasa leave a lasting impression on every visitor fortunate enough to glimpse its wonders.

You will visit Gyantse and Shigatse, the two most important cities, after Lhasa. Shigatse is the second largest city in Tibet, and Gyantse is the third largest. While touring the central Tibetan plateau, you will see the ancient forts and citadels of the Tibetan kings as well as magnificent monasteries with exquisite murals.

Central Tibet Tour offers an opportunity to visit the Potala Palace, Norbulingka, Sera monastery and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa Valley. Additionally, you will get picturesque views like the one at Yamdrok-tso Lake and the snow-covered Nazin Kang Sa (7252m). Tibet is a good location for capturing memorable images at high altitude. Tibet always awaits you with stunning natural scenery, colorful festivals, and unique cultural experiences.

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