Upper Kali Gandaki Rafting

The Upper Kali Gandaki river rafting is one of Nepal’s very best rivers for whitewater Adventure. The source of the river is formed at an altitude of 3900m (12795ft) in the Mustang region of Nepal, which borders Tibet. Using the Deepest gorge in the world that has formed between the Mt. Annapurna (8346m) Massif and Mt. Dhaulagiri (8046m) and named after the ferocious goddess kali. The river with total catchment area of 46300 sq. km is notable for the deep gorge through which it flows and for a large hydroelectric power in Nepal.

The Kali Gandaki passes through narrow gorges, alongside tumbling waterfalls and jungle. Local people from Magar and Chhetri villages often get close to the riverside to meet the rafters. They greet you on their way with a greeting of “Namaste!”. There are superb opportunities to see the Annapurna Mountain range and a variety of wildlife and temples on River banks.

The tumbling waterfalls and grate challenging rapids attract the many whitewater seekers. Once upon a time in your life, get a rafting experience. This holy river is ideal for medium-length wilderness expeditions and is a reward for bird watching and wildlife.

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