Kathmandu-Nagarkot Tour

This Kathmandu-Nagarkot Tour offers a religious and cultural journey to the most amazing places in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. You can fully familiarize yourself with Nepal’s various features by visiting these sites. Taking on this tour, you will get to become a part of the rich culture and traditions of Nepal. You also get to visit the ancient palaces and famous cultural heritage sites during this tour. Your next destination, Nagarkot, is blessed with sheer beauty of nature and panoramic Himalayan views, giving you a once in a lifetime experience. On returning back to Kathmandu, your trip will further resume towards exploring more of Kathmandu. Visits to Kumari Temple and Durbar Square are the bonus sightseeing trips packaged in this tour.

Nepal’s unique living culture exits in Kumari temple of Kathmandu Durwar Square. Kumari, the living Goddess of Nepal, is a young girl chosen from the Newar community. She is an earthly manifestation of the Hindu goddess Taleju. The girls undergo a rigorous selection process and must fulfill certain physical and behavioral criteria. Once chosen, she spends her time alone in the Kumari House until puberty or a serious illness or injury.

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