Arun River Rafting

Arun River Rafting is undoubtedly the most exciting white-water river rafting in Nepal. Starting with a 4-day trek followed by 3 days of rafting. The powerful current and large water volume make sure huge and remarkable rapids are encountered throughout the length of this river journey. The rapids can be technically challenging. Taking about the difficulty: The Arun River rafting expedition is generally moderate in difficulty. The rapids can vary depending on the water levels, with some sections offering thrilling Class III to Class IV rapids, perfect for both beginners and experienced rafters.

Arun River  is one of the most powerful whitewater current and fast river in Nepal. Scenery: The river passes through deep gorges, green valleys and excellent riverside beaches, terraced farmlands, dense forests, and traditional villages, providing an opportunity to immerse in the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal. Arun River flows from the melting of Mt. Makalu (8462m) and other mountains of that region uniting with thousands of small spring and streams along the thick woods of the famous Arun valley before winding its way down through the hinterlands of eastern Nepal.

Arun River is an excellent choice for a long whitewater rafting trip for those who are seeking a true adventure and the thrill of encountering huge rapids in a peaceful setting. It would be the first choice for those wanting a whitewater expedition into the wilderness area.

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