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Badri Rai from Nepal, greetings! Nepal is the land of Everest, the brave soldiers Gorkhas, and the light of the WorldShakyamuni Buddha.” Despite being a small yet diverse country. In this land nested between Himalayan Peaks and lush valleys, a mixture of customs, festivals, and practices come together to form a harmonious symphony singing a song of Nepal. there is the spiritual calmness of the Monkey Temple, where Buddhist flags flutter in the breeze carrying prayers of peace to the heaven. The gentle hum of the monks’ chants and the spinning of prayer wheels create an atmosphere of peace. And vibrant Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar unite families.

In this land, where languages change with the landscapes from the Hills to the Plains, Nepalese people speak with harmony that reflects their unity in diversity. From the colorful dances of Tamang and Sherpa to the graceful movements of Limbu and Rai, every step tells the story of heritage. Get the experience of living traditions that have been passed down through generations. Let’s immerse ourselves in the festivals that unite communities. And let’s honor the mixture of practices that makes Nepal a truly remarkable example of human expression.

Shangri-La Voyages Pvt. Ltd. You are heartily welcome to Nepal. Namaste!

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