Do’s and Don’t in Tibet.

Some basic Tibet etiquette rules that should be followed

1) Never touch the head of a person; the head is considered a sacred part of the body.
2) Don’t wear noisy shoes or make unnecessary noise, drink alcohol, and smoke around the temple.
3) Don’t put your arms around someone’s shoulders.
4) While visiting a temple, follow the pilgrims and circle the temple clockwise, never counter-clockwise.
5) Never touch, sit on, or walk over any religious items, such as stupas, prayer flags, or texts.
6) Don’t kill any animals or insects in monasteries.
7) Don’t be intrusive during religious ceremonies, meaning be respectful when taking photos.
8) Don’t step on the thresholds of Tibetan homes.
9) Don’t spit in front of people.
10) Don’t throw garbage into a fire.
11) Don’t engage in strong displays of public affection.
12) Dress modestly.
12) Do not eat fish, horse, dog, or donkey meat to respect their eating habits.