Do’s and Don’t in Bhutan.


  • Follow proper dress code while visiting offices and religious sites. Entering religious monuments and offices with singlet and miniskirts are not our norm
  • Remove your hat while entering religious sites and kindly takes off your footwear while entering temple altar rooms
  • Maintain silence in heritage and religious sites and monuments
  • Always walk clockwise while passing heritage and religious monuments
  • Proper permit is required to export religious artifacts or antiques
  • Always carry valid travel documents and produce the same if required
  • Always use Tourism Council of Bhutan(TCB) certified :
    • Accommodation facilities
    • Tour guides
    • Tour operators to organize your tour
  • Be responsible for your own waste and dispose them in designated areas



  • Refrain from touching any murals, religious painting and objects in the temples as it is disrespectful as per local culture
  • Smoking in the public areas is strictly prohibited and liable to be fined, so please refrain from smoking in public areas
  • Carrying and use of drone is strictly prohibited
  • Spitting on the wall and other places is discourage
  • Taking photographs and filming is restricted in some areas. So please refrain from filming and taking photograph in those areas. Please seek your guide advise
  • Refrain from feeding animals on highways, parks and in other places
  • Washing, swimming or throwing objects into lakes and other water bodies are prohibited as it is considered sacred
  • Do not sit straddle or legs streched in front in the altar as it is culturally offensive, we expect you to cross your legs or kneel when sitting in religious places