Colors of the five elements

December 20, 2023 badri

Five elements

The universe is made up of five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. With the help of these five different elements, life exists, and it has unevaluable value for living creatures. Apart from this, it has spiritual value in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religious beliefs. Colors of the five elements, can be seen around the Buddhis sites, on the house, on the monasteries, on the trees, and at the top of the mountains.

For first-time visitors, Colors of the five elements could be new and surprising because it is fluttering in the air in five different colors. It is called a lungta, a wind horse, and a prayer flag. On every flag, prayers (mantras) and horse images are printed. A horse travels the world at the speed of the wind while it is hung in the air. There is a belief that prayer flags with mantras bring prosperity, happiness, and peace.

Its’ Color and Importance

Now, let us discuss the colors of the five elements. The yellow represents the earth, or land, on which we live and cultivate food. We love it and worship it in different religions in Nepal. The green is water, which we drink and which gives all living things their vitality. Many religious rituals in Nepal involve the performance of jal puja, or water worship. The red is fire or light. The sun and fire worship are in Nepal. The white is air. And the blue is the sky, or space.

Is is worth visiting Nepal?

No dought, Nepal is a holey and spiritual land of the earth where five elements are worshiped as mother nature. Buddha was born here and taught the human value and get rid of suffering world by attending enlightment. The Everest, the roof of the world, invites you all here. Get introduced to colorful prayer flags! Make your life colorful by visiting Baudhanath stupa, and Swayambhunath stupa in Nepal.

Without delay, Do visite Nepal. We Shangri-La Voyages Team always welcomes you!