Upper Mustang Jeep Drive

The fabled walled city of Lo Manthang, capital of Mustang, has enticed intrepid adventurers since tourists were first allowed to enter the forbidden Kingdom of Mustang. An unforgiving, arid and high altitude mountain desert landscape along with the necessity for challenging trekking. Now, with the advent of a rough and ready jeep road that extends up through the spectacular Kali Gandaki Valley, between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, it is possible to travel between and beyond the Himalayas onto the Tibetan Plateau and reach Lo Manthang by 4WD vehicle. Some things have not changed though. The ochre coloured, wind eroded, untamed wildness of Mustang remains the same, as does the need for a special permit. On this Mustang Jeep Tour you can now reach Lo-Manthang and explore this once forbidden mountain scrape without having to trek hard and long. Our Mustang Jeep Tour from Pokhara to Lo Manthang over land is very much an adventurous Nepal cultural tour. The landscape has not been tamed and the journey is on a bumpy dirt road, which remains at the mercy of the mountain gods and the climate. However, for those who dreamt of travelling into Mustang and were deterred by the need to trek arduously, a whole new possibility now exists. With our suggested itinerary, we have carefully considered that as it is a bumpy, slow ride (and even though the journey could be done quicker) it is desirable not to spend “all day, every day” driving and have endeavored to find a balance between travelling and the experience overall. Some nights are spent in ‘comfort lodges’ (proper beds and en suite), although these do not exist yet in Charang and Chusang, so some nights are in the usual, more basic  trekkers lodge accommodations thus 4 seasons sleeping bags are still required for these nights.